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The Exalted Vales is a comprehensive 250 page rulebook for D&D 5e, containing the Exalted Vales campaign setting and an epic adventure set within, “A Shadow Among Them”.
The project was born from the will of a small group of professionals to explore the unique theme of mysticism.

What happens when the mystical is part of everyday life?
What adventures will unfold in a city to which thousands of thousands of pilgrims flock every day in the hope of being received by a blinded oracle, who can bring enlightenment with a single sentence?
What happens when concepts like dreams, fertility or loyalty become physical manifestations that walk among mortals as living beings? What if every dream was woven by hand by a group of witches?
What if this were just the tip of the iceberg?

As you venture into the Exalted Vales, prepare to plunge into a world of confounding mysticism.

we succeeded in our crowdfunding with more than 2,100 backers, i.e. 700% success! The whole team is happy to see such a success.

We opened an online store for those who have missed crowdfunding campaign.