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Renaud Bartens is a Lead Game designer and writer. Today a consultant in the video game, he is at the initiative of the Exalted Vales project. With over 20 years of gaming master’s experience he combines passion of the game, knowledge of game mechanics and writing talent.

Jonathan Lefaucheur has been artistic director in the video game for 12 years. He has participated in dozens of projects, from fighting games with Tekken to zombie invasions with Zombie Night Terror (2016). Great role-playing fan (especially if he can play assassin), he brings an overview and a visual coherence.

Karl Monnerais works in the printing industry. He comes to bring his expertise to ensure that the book will live up to everyone’s expectations. New in the world of role-playing, he discovers the joys of making fumbles on his Stealth checks.

William Martin is coordinator and project manager for the French government and for international organizations. His double cap of organizer and passionate role play ensures a great mastery of the project, mainly on its logistic part. He participated to the publishing and shipping of illustrated books for children.


Cover illustration : Tiago Souza
Illustrations : Alexander Trufanov and Bastien Aufrère
Maps in collaboration with Ross McConnel (